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  • Human Landscape
    Human Landscape

    There are moments when all is tranquil,
    Tremendously tranquil, I would say.
    The calm will not always be calm
    A grand calm can demolish our lives in a second and
    Leave us forever orphans.

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  • Loss

    Everyday is the same
    There is no rush.
    To go over the dead,
    Classify them:
    Military, guerrilla
    Civilians, elderly, children

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  • One Second
    One Second

    Close your eyes and come closer
    I am waiting for you
    With your wings of freedom.

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  • Loving You
    Loving You

    Loving you was just continuing the voyage
    Return to the first star
    In which we were separated.
    It is now.
    It’s time to receive
    Our other half

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  • April Arrives
    April Arrives

    I do not want today to end
    Without saying that April will come and you
    Will be in my days.

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  • The Red Coffee House
    The Red Coffee House

    In the red coffee house, the one that opens
    At five in the afternoon, the white lilies
    Grow on top of the pianos.

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  • Preposition

    I am with fewer words of my voice
    With few smiles in me
    With absent caresses that I desire

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  • Suspended

    Our paths have vanished
    And remain here surrounded by mirrors
    Who repeat and project,
    Agitate solitude.

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  • Dream

    It’s a gray, but not sad day
    It’s the day and time to hear your voice
    It’s the day for embraces

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I come from the heart of America, a country music sound, infinite-contrast, in green, words, feelings. I am determined to recover and disseminate the poetry of the great dead poets, I have always had the firm conviction that the interpreter is essential to poetry, it recreates the poem, gives life, becoming the link between the poet and public. 

The poets are reborn each time lips pronounced his work. And poetry is also music, I introduced the song to my productions, which gave rise to "Tango Lyric" and "Bolero." Seeking to recover this poetry that lies in the song and thus reach other popular rhythms such as gender tropical, vallenato, and traditional music of our country.

I have spent my life saying and writing poetry as a kind of poetic ministry is a growing excitement every poem I pronounce. Poetry is my life, an inheritance, a great pleasure and my greatest passion.


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